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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bethune, SC - Town goes Green

Well the plans and ideas that I had envisioned for my own home town when Papa Mei took office after his November victory have been co-opted by a neighboring town in the Sandhills.

Bethune, SC long home to the Chicken Strut and one-light stop on the Hwy 1 route to Columbia has become one of South Carolina's first "Green Towns." According to WLTX out of Columbia the city installed 48 Solar Panels on its town hall and look forward to setting an example to other midlands and sand hills communities in the effort to Go Green.

SCBiz has a lengthy article from their March 19 edition about the process for the small town, which involved being awareded a $125,000.00 Grant for their plan dubbed "Peacefully Green."

"The roof of the Town Hall building is wide open and faces south" where it catches the most light. The photovoltaic solar panels will generate 8kW of electricity, which, according to Lensch is enough to power one to two homes for a year. It will generate about half of the town hall's total electricity and will offset approximately 11,400 pounds of CO2 emissions annually."
WLTX reports that any excess power produced by the panels is hoped to be sold back to the local Power Company.

The panels are being installed by a company with locations in Columbia and Charlotte, Agrand Energy Solutions.

Congratulations to the town of Bethune in this great Green effort!

Now back to the drawing boards for the Prettiest Town in Dixie...

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