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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Street Preachers reviled revealed

Yahoo! has a news article about street preachers on college campuses.

Here's a snipit from an article by my alma mater's paper - the Daily Gamecock:

"He just started screaming at us and told us the pope is going to hell, and he blasphemed the Madonna, which is really offensive," she said. Several students said they were horrified when he declared the pope was burning in hell.
Matt Callis, associate pastor at the Shack, said he was dismayed by the scene. "I don't know what he represents, but that's definitely not Christianity," he said. Callis said he hoped USC students wouldn't lump all Christians into a group with Thursday's campus visitors." It sucks," he said. "People will look at that and think, 'well, if that's Christianity, then I don't want to be a Christian.'"
I remember the series of preachers that would come through during my tenure at Carolina; always the same questions and rumors - are they really preachers? Is this a sociology experiment?

Well, no it's no experiment - they really are street preachers preaching that everyone except themselves and those who repent and follow their radical (and nebulous) lifestyle will receive salvation.

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Pentecost Baby said...

Dude, those street preachers drive me crazy. We used to link arms and sing "We Are Family" at them, which drove them crazy.
Check out my blog.

Christian said...

Thanks for your Blog ;) God Bless you