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Friday, March 14, 2008

OK Lawmaker under fire

We've all, no doubt, have heard in the news at some point in time within the last week about Sally Kern in Oklahoma. If you haven't then check out this YouTube recording with her photo.

Then Check out this article on Yahoo! News - believe it or not, she's received a lot of e-mails and phone calls about her remarks - go figure, but what she hasn't received as the article says she has is death threats:

"...audio clip of a state lawmaker's screed against homosexuality, which she called a bigger threat than terrorism, has outraged gay activists and brought death threats rolling in."

According to the Tulsa World quoting an OSBI agent:

Brown said Tuesday, "There are a lot of e-mails to the representative that say, 'You ought to die,' rather than, 'I am going to kill you.'

"I wouldn't characterize them as death threats," she said.

The self professed Queen of all Media - Perez Hilton, even went so far to say Kern, the wife of a Baptist Minister's son is gay. He "came out" today affirming that he's not gay, just celibate.

I think two of the best remarks came from Ellen Degeneres and Wanda Sykes - Check them out!

Of Course, I couldn't help add that clip with the political extras at the end ;-)

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