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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tornado hits Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta is a Warzone - that's how the Atlanta Journal Consitution is describing the situation.

I didn't find this out from CNN, though they're all over it since the tornado severely damaged their property in down town. I found out from Momma Mae, because Sissy Mae is in Atlanta for a dental training - and CNN wasn't the only building extremely damaged.

I had a chance to talk with Sissy who told me she saw the warning come across the screen - she grabbed the lady she was sharing a room with at the Westin and they went to the lobby where she proceeded to scream at the concierge, a police officer, and some other hotel employees as to where they should go with the tornado warning. Only right after they all looked at her like she was crazy did they all hear the terrible sound as glass began exploding out of the windows of the hotel tower.

They led her and the other guests down to the basement. They're currently in the ball room on the 7th floor. If the lady she was with's car isn't damaged, they may drive to Columbia to stay the night. Otherwise the hotel said they'd be put up in another facility.

I spoke with RKnows who said he was on the interstate heading back to Atlanta - he said that the lightning was popping so you would think it was day light. His partner told him the Georgia Dome had a hole in the roof, which is confirmed. The game that was going on will probably be completed later.

I've not been able to get ahold of anyone else in ATL and have subsequently glued to CNN for coverage of this unusual and terrible act of nature.

I suppose the only positive, if there can be a positive from this is that J may get some work out of this. We'll see.

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St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

I'm headed back to the ATL tomorrow afternoon for a three-day conference. There's nothing on the websites of either my hotel (Amerisuites) or the conference hotel (Hyatt Regency) regarding damages. I'm sure we'll all be walking around shooting pics of the damage between (or instead of attending??) sessions Sunday & Monday.