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Thursday, March 13, 2008

"You know she's a Christian because..."

"...her hair is jacked to Jesus!" That's an anecdote about old-time AEP women usually in the South, and who epitomizes that image more than the good people of Texas.

That's a great segue into this interesting article that I came across. Do you remember Myers Park Baptist Church? It was the North Carolina Baptist Church that was booted out of the SBC for 'welcoming' gays and lesbians into the congregation. In Texas a Pastor of Broadway Baptist Church was spared the ax because he approved an appeal by gay and lesbian families to be included in the Church's directory after a vote by the congregation overwhelmingly showed out for him. The congregation ultimately came up with a compromise concerning the Directory - no sit down family photos would be used, instead candid photos of families and small groups.

Broadway is affiliated with the SBC.

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