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Friday, February 08, 2008

Republicans for Obama

I've noticed on the traffic meter that the post I did on Governor Mark Sanford's (R-SC) has received considerable consideration (thank you Austin Powers) over the past few weeks. Couple that with the information that J passed to me today from the NY Time's Nicholas Kristof about the electibility of Mr. Obama from a Red State perspective and it made me pause.

Since I finally set my mind on supporting Mr. Obama it's been no question that he could draw independents - you know that mass of people, myself included, who don't affiliate with either the Republicans or the Democrats for various reasons - but could he really draw Republican support? I recall at the rally at Williams Brice Stadium Mr. Obama saying that he's been approached by Republicans in quiet voices. Indeed I've heard him say this or something similar to this on various occassions. I never took it to heart because when you think Republicans (these days) you think crazed partisans who have had a bit too much of the kool-aid that Dick Cheney made.

So could Republicans really support Mr. Obama. We've already heard such notable personalities cry out against Mr. McCain and declare they'd vote for Hillary. But take a look at the link of Mr. Kristof's. It includes a quote from Susan Eisenhower - daughter of former President Ike Eisenhower, leader of D-Day, the one who made the name appealing before the other Ike tarnished it - on why she's endorsing and supporting Obama.

“Obama would appeal much more to Republican voters. Not all Republican voters, but certainly those who might be somewhat in play.” - Susan Eisenhower

But it doesn't stop there, more party heavyweights are taking note and are easy to praise Mr. Obama - even Mr. Huckabee did in one of the debates. The MSN has taken note. The Times UK has reported on it across the pond as early as May 6, 2007. See other articles here, and here for more recent reports on the 'phenomenon.'

So who are these people that are curious as to Mark Sanford's praise of Obama... are you the fabeled 'few'? the 'silent supporters' from across the aisle? Who ever they are, I'm sure they're not open and as blazoned with their rebellion as the members of this organization, Republicans for Obama. But who ever you are, you're welcome in our neck of the woods any time, and we appreciate your support.

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1 comment:

Beth said...

Susan Eisenhower's OpEd in the 2/2 Washington Post was, after the Gettysburg Address, Bill Buckley & all, the most perfect piece of political discourse I've seen. She touches a nerve that risks question of one's patriatism with sensitive clout: "Deep in America's heart, I believe, is the nagging fear that our best years as a nation may be over." I needed to see that in writing. It's just right to find it in an opinion piece discussing "Why I'm Backing Barak Obama". Me too.