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Friday, February 08, 2008

Nothing says 'Romance!' like.... Cheraw, SC

I get a semi-monthly newsletter from the great city of Cheraw, well - not from the government but from a marketing surrogate called Discover Cheraw. (I've previously noted them here). This month's newsletter includes a description of a Valentine's getaway package for those lovers who'd like to spend the Saintly day of Sweet Sentiments in a surely southern city.

Here's the deal:

"For these three evenings, two romantic packages will be offered. The "Sweetheart" package includes dinner for two at El-Sherif's, located at 217 Second Street, or at The Mayflower, 309 Chesterfield Highway."
You also get your photo taken, a single long stemmed rose, and the kicker - a romantic carriage ride through the historic downtown.

They have an additional package that also throws in a free night in the Jameson Inn (the nicer hotel in town).

If you're interested check out the full details here. Gotta give props to the hometown y'all.

And yes the fountain* is new to centennial park since the Jazz Festival. I think it's a nice touch.

*Photo from the DiscoverCheraw.com

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