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Monday, February 04, 2008

Hillary cries... again.

From the Telegraph

There's an old saying "Fool me once, shame on you...Fool me twice, shame on me" - but guess what, this time we're not fooled:

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Sen. Hillary Clinton teared up this morning at an event at the Yale Child Study Center, where she worked while in law school in the early 1970s.

Penn Rhodeen, who was introducing Clinton, began to choke up, leading Clinton's eyes to fill with tears, which she wiped out of her left eye. At the time, Rhodeen was saying how proud he was that sheepskin-coat, bell-bottom-wearing young woman he met in 1972 was now running for president.

"Well, I said I would not tear up; already we're not exactly on the path," Clinton said with emotion after the introduction.

Boo hoo hoo - if anyone in America actually falls for this again then truly it is on your head. Yet another 'do anything to win, even debase myself' Clinton tactic that she pulls whilst behind. Why doesn't she shed tears when she's ahead. What a travesty.

The NY Times said Connecticut should be Hillary's but Obama has made incredible inroads winning the endorsement even of Yale's Student News Paper. This of course just adds to why it's so important for her to 'cry' now.

This is what the Telegraph in the UK says:

Could it be Clinton’s current misty moment came after she simply realised how historic her candidacy was, or has she seen the tracking polls that show her lead evaporatinggone in Connecticut (a neighbouring state to her base in New York and much of it in a shared media market) or perhaps this CNN poll - which shows, for the first time of any major national poll, Senator Obama with a lead, 49-46, among registered Democrats?

Haven't we heard about something like this before when Hillary fell behind in polls? Oh right.

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