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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whither the Empire?

A friend tweeted yesterday an article of shock by South Africa's Prelates over the fact that the Dali Lama was denied a visa to attend a meeting of Nobel Laureates,

"I am concerned that this man of peace is not allowed into our country at this time when we need people of peace to inspire us," Cardinal Napier said in a statement. "I'm very concerned that our rights to association, freedom of religion and freedom of expression have been sold out to economic and political expedience once again."

Why would they deny his Visa? Because his presence might take the focus off the meeting he was to attend on xenophobia and put it all on Tibet... right. But should we be surprised? It was only this past November when Great Britain augmented there foreign policy and bent to the pressure of China by formally recognizing Tibet as part of China proper.

This is especially shameful for South Africa and a slap in the face of not only the Commonwealth (again!), but of Western Liberal Democracies. As my friend pointed out, previously it was only tinpot African dictatorships who succumbed to China's rapacity (i.e. Sudan and Zimbabwe), now South Africa, who's next?

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