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Thursday, March 26, 2009

QOTD: Calling them out

Personally, I’d like to see and hear from other bishops. I’m getting tired of the Chaput, Rigali, Burke club. They lack political and public relations savvy. They insist theirs is the only way, the only hope. They are blind to their own faults and are all too willing to pin the blame on the poor, dumb, apathetic Catholic laity. They were convinced it was a good move to hitch their wagon to the Republican party. Thanks to incompetence, they circled the drain last November. But clearly, the speaking circuit is not lacking for giving out little jobs.

The hubris makes it impossible for these guys to receive new and potentially more effective ideas. The same True Believers offer the same plane tickets, honoraria, and book sales. It looks like the past few decades to me–and they haven’t been very effective, have they?

- Catholic Sensibility,
Chaput Plays the Game

And I couldn't agree more...

A pretty smart read from a level headed pro-lifer. I discovered this site today after reading a post at the Siena Institute which quoted another biting yet humorous post from CS.

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