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Monday, February 16, 2009

Unemployment: Fingers pointing at Sanford

It appears that events are rolling rather quickly down the slippery unemployment slope outside the Governor's Office. A number of news stories are starting to point the finger at Governor Mark Sanford.

Why is this?

Based upon The State Newspaper's
article by Noelle Phillips, it's a complicated issue around three (3) aspects:

-Too many untrained workers who lack the skills wanted by employers who are hiring
-Too few jobs in rural areas
- And, some Sanford critics say, the state's failure to attract enough new jobs

Interestingly all three issues fall within the governor's key cabinet agency tasked with job creation and workforce development. Instead of focusing on the jobless rates over the past years,

Sanford instead attacked the SC Employment Security Commission (SCESC) and its reporting of unemployment rates.

Now with the state's unemployed seeking jobs and need for workforce assistance, the
governor is attacking the SCESC on the lack of funding for unemployment benefits. However, public documents appear to prove that the SCESC informed both the governor and the state's legislature on the shortfall two-years ago.

Why is
Sanford focusing on the SCESC?

legislators have called this a "smokescreen"tactic. Quoting Senator Phil Leventis:
None of these questions [on the SCESC] has been answered satisfactorily by
Sanford, which raises the possibility that his cries for transparency are a
smokescreen. In this drama, Sanford casts himself as the hero of the taxpayer
against some evil bureaucrats.

Ultimately leadership must take accountability for not working to resolve potential skill gaps, limited jobs in rural
South Carolina and new business (and job) recruitment.

Looks like the 'smoke' may be lifting, it may be an interesting week for Sanford at the capitol.

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