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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's actually more like a Constitutional Monarchy

Chess, for what it's worth, is becoming a little more democratic.

Democratic Chess is Chess game where each figure is made of an IP-WLan-network camera each capable of looking around, listening and talking to the other figures as well as the 2 real person players. With this technology there are many different ways how to play the Game, the next move can be decided in a democratic way among the Figures or they are allowed to discuss with the players and each other the next moves, but at the End the 2 player make the moves. I am currently working on this project , the technology is working already, I plan to finish it within a couple of weeks.

Arguably it's more of a constitutional monarchy than a democracy. We'll let the Chess Nerds hash it out.
Boing boing had this to say about the game,

Democratic Chess is a project by Michael Marcovici to create a kibbitzing chess-set based on the sentient chesspeople in Through the Looking Glass. As you move the pieces, they chatter with you and among themselves about the wisdom of your moves.

I wonder if much like Alice in Wonderland, Carrol's other work, if it'd better to be stoned off your ass before playing this game? Better ask Michael Phelps.

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