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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

'Shrove Tuesday': a foodie perspective

I'm not of the latin varitel, and while I have celebrated Mardi Gras, or Carnival if you will with the revelry normally associated with it, I am an Angloid and this year the celebration was muted and focused on a certain Shrove Tuesday tradition - Pancakes.

Now for these pancakes - it wasn't really about the pancakes per se, as much as the toppings. I used bisquick and followed the directions though I did add 2 oz of cream cheese before cooking them.

So - the toppings.... I made a home made syrup and a fruit and nut topping. For the syrup I mixed 2/3 cups of cane sugar, 1/3 cup honey, 2 shots of Cointreau a splash of Drambuie and Vanilla extract. Boil it. Boil it long and boil it hard to get the alcohol to evaporate and then let the syrup cool.

And the Fruit and nut topping? Warm some butter in a pan, toss in some cinnamon and sliced green apples. Let the apples stew and fry in the melted butter. Toss in some crushed pecans and cook just a little while longer.
Put the fruit and then the syrup on top of your pancakes and serve it with a side of savory sausage, what you get is a delicious dish that satisfies the sweet tooth and celebrates the day before lent in a traditional English manner.

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Daniel J. Cassidy said...

LOL at your elevator story. The toppings sound GREAT!

Mattheus Mei said...

Thanks! Make it and enjoy!