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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jindal Vs. the Volcano, the wilderness continues.

Nate Silver and the Daily Beast pick up on one particular strange remark from Jindal's rebuttal last night about the government's funding of Volcano monitoring.

I suppose this means that the Republican party has given up on Palin?
So it's wrong for the government to provide support for folks along the Pacific Rim in protecting against volcanic destruction (Mount Redoubt comes to mind), but ok to demand billions of dollars of investment into hurricanes and hurricane damage prevention? Hmmm...

But besides the Volcano remark the rest were tired already refuted talking points - such as the train from Disney Land to Vegas, and burnt boiler plate with the talk of big government boogie men, the specter of taxes. The most shocking though was that a Republican would dare bring up Hurricane Katrina and speak of the snafu of the handling of that disaster- when his party ran the federal government - as a reason to put the Republicans back in charge? Wow.

A few weeks ago I commented on the ideological cannibalism in the GOP over American Exceptionalism vs. absolute disdain towards the administration, well the purge continues as the Defacto head of the Party threatens any and all Republicans who criticise Bobby Jindal's speech.
Already the hounds have been released. On this evening's Hardball with Chris Matthews indicted former majority leader Tom Delay spurned Matthew's calling David Brooks a 'conservative' for Brooks' criticism of Jindal. Congressional leaders, fearing the wrath of Rush, have been tenuous in their responses.
Even the newly elected Chairman Michael Steele who opened his tenure up with remarks about expanding the Republican tent has had to backtrack. Uncle Tom as he should be called is now considering tossing the three 'moderate' Republicans, who voted on the stimulus, on their ear.
Glenn Thrush quotes the quotable Barney Frank who says it best about the fine old canibals also known as the Grand Old Purifiers,
"They are going to purify themselves into irrelevance"

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