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Thursday, February 12, 2009

QOTD: Sanford is completely out of touch

It’s just another example of how Gov. Sanford is out of touch with the people of South Carolina. As many others have, Mark Sanford has lived a privileged life, one that nearly all of South Carolina could only dream about. He does not know and has never known what it is like to be in the situation many South Carolinians find themselves in today. However, the difference between the governor and many other wealthy citizens is that he does not care about the predicament facing the average, hardworking South Carolinian. There is no doubt that the governor, from his ivory tower of comfort, can pontificate about political philosophy until the cows come home, but what he cannot do is look into the eyes of the average South Carolinian and understand the meaning of the word “struggle.”

- Representatives Ted Vick (D-Chesterfield) and
Boyd Brown (D-Chester), The State.

I'm proud to be a Cheravian.

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CherawBoy58 said...

As a fellow Cheravian, I have some bad news for you. Nearly all politicians are from the priveliged class, are out of touch with the average citizen, and do not understand the meaning of the word "struggle". It transcends political affiliaton and philosophy. Politicians of every stripe consider themselves to be above the rest of us hicks and cretins.

Granted, there are some exceptions, but I know Ted Vick, and he is not exceptional - just another politician who considers himself better than you and me.

We will all be better served if we stop waiting for politicians to save us and instead rely on ourselves to solve our problems.

Earl Capps said...

Cheravian? What planet do they come from?

Mattheus Mei said...

The Planet Cheraw in the Constellation Pee Dee :-p

I know Mr. Vick to and many in his family. His brother Chad is an excellent preacher. And while I agree that no politician is perfect, and many are aloof, and yes it transcends political philosophy and affiliation, but compared to Mr. Sanford - I'd take Mr. Vick any day. And I actually take exception to your claims about Mr. Vick - and I'm sure he would too.

CherawBoy58 said...

Well now, I completely agree with you about Pastor Chad. He IS an excellent preacher. He's a good 'ole Bible b'lievin Baptist who's not afraid to preach the Word of God. But there's a big difference between a preacher and a politician. What Aesop said over 2000 years ago holds true today: "We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."

Anyhoo, its good to see a fellow denizen of the PD out here in the blogosphere. Keep it coming!