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Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Restaurant Week in Alexandria, VA

We got in to Alexandria last night around 7 o'clock. That put our trip right at 8 hours if you discount the extra long lunch stop we made in Radford at Macado's (Mac-a-dues), which is in the same restaurant group as Macabob's.

Any who, in honor of Inauguration week it's Restaurant Week in Alexandria. And on our first night in town the bf and our hosts went to Chadwick's on the waterfront. This is promising for the rest of the week because I've yet to eat at a restaurant in Alexandria (in my few visits) that I've found unfavourable and because DC is such a madhouse I have no idea what if any restaurants will be open or not packed. As our hostess said last night, what restaurant would you like to go downtown and not eat at?

Also since I'm on the subject of food, my favourite cheese monger - Cheesetique - is having a special this week, which only adds to the excitement that they're now serving lunch and dinner: Inauguration Station.

In honor of Presidents past and present, Cheesetique will feature "Inauguration Station", complete with the following "presidential" products:

  1. "Barick Obama", an assertive cow's milk cheese hand-crafted in Vermont. In honor of our new President.
  2. "Lincoln Log", a surface-ripened goat cheese hand-made in Wisconsin. In honor of President Abraham Lincoln.
  3. "Cider Soaked Plymouth", a cheddar-like cow's milk cheese made on President Calvin Coolidge's family farm in Vermont.
  4. "Brick House Chardonnay" from Oregon, President Bill Clinton's favorite wine.
  5. "Jefferson Vineyards Merlot", grown in the vineyards surrounding Monticello. In honor of President Thomas Jefferson.
  6. In honor of President Ronald Reagan: free jellybeans for all!
Say it with me now mmmm. Cheese.

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Heather said...

If you're still in town, you should give me a buzz. I'd love to see you if you have time!