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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Columbia Prop 8 Protest II

Did you know that there was a protest today? Organized via Facebook and Text Message, today's protest was not only a second rally against the California's Prop 8 - but also a protest to all the laws on South Carolina's books that continue an ethos of Jim Crowe in our State but against a different minority.

You know us angry homosexualists all we do is throw Joan Crawfordesque tantrums in our Jimmy Choo's all the while converting your children.

Meanwhile back in reality it's not just us. Of the 80+ protesters today it continues to amaze me how many heterosexuals join us, and keep joining us, standing up for equality. I asked a straight female and male friends of mine and asked her why they were there. Without hesitation, they responded it was for me and my partner. Because they know us and know the deep affection and devotion for each other that we share and think it quite wrong for us to be denied the same rights that they are . Rights that so many take for granted and participate in so blithely without any recourse or recriminations.

Another poignant moment was when a Vietnam Veteran came up before the protest and asked us to be sure and raise the American Flag above the other flags present. This of course is common flag ettiquette that we were aware and prepared to observe - and then he said that though he didn't agree with us he fought in a war to protect our right to protest and thanked us for protesting. We thanked him and exchanged God Bless You's and he went on his way... I did hold up Old Glory all the more higher today - thank you anonymous Vietnam Vet for your service and for showing though we may not agree on certain issues that we can be agreeable and show common cause and care for those institutions and ideas that are greater than any one, two, or three Americans.
Yours truly, supporting our troops! One of our allies
John Dawkins, Progressive Network - Not a member of the CBL
Homos are sweet, like Skittles I suppose - thanks for the support Sneadito!
Yeah, that Holiness code is useful, like God also hates it when you wear mixed fiber clothing (poly-cotton blends), mixing meat and dairy (Sorry McDonald's 1 Billion WRONG), etc. etc.
Thanks to all the folks who honked their horns in support, they didn't fall on deaf ears.

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mvp said...

great article boo. Btw that John Dawkins guy is cute, can I get his digits?

Snead said...

Hey you hippie, I didn't even recognize you with the long hair.

We had to dip out early, Kate wanted to drive by and blow the horn while people were still standing around.

People love the oogah horn.

Mattheus Mei said...

Of course you can have John's digits, but you'll need to submit yourself to a detailed back ground check first!