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Monday, December 01, 2008

Palin V. Luda

Sarah Palin stumps in Georgia today for the most despicable and hateful politician in recent memory, Saxyby Chambliss - who ridiculed and discounted the war record of now quadriplegic Max Cleland drawing false relationships between Cleland and Bin Laden, and who it was recently revealed has received more than $21,000 from the Sugar industry which many are questioning especially in light of his raking victims of last summer's sugar refinery over the coals because of their criticism of the sugar industry along with his refusal to testify in a civil lawsuit against the same industry.

And while the golly gee willickers Governor of the "Great White North" (you know G-d's Country who himself came down from Heaven and annointed her Our Lady of Wasilla to defeat the infidels and heretics in the Lower 48), Ludacris the Rapper stumps for Jim Martin in Atlanta, Macon, and Augusta (and back in Atlanta). And while Sarah Palin may stick with that which she's more comfortable - Forsythe County - a rapper will not only be traveling the black belt of Georgia but will try the cross appeal of his art as opposed to her hot air rhetoric (can you really call what she spews from her facegina rhetoric?)

All of this after Saxby and his co conspirators received a major blow as 1000's of absentee ballot requests were sent out by the Georgia and National Republican Party, were rejected.

I'm not the biggest fan of Ludacris, but I absolutely LOATHE every hateful, winking, Christianist (because it's certainly not Christian) thing that that woman stands for. I loathe her so much that Russia doesn't have to wait for a hypothetical future that will probably not come where the United States Breaks up to reclaim Alaska - they could have it today if they'd agree to take that woman, that avatar of American Anti-Intellectualism and everything that holds this country back as she is Queen of the Harpies.

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1 comment:

robin said...

Love your article!!! I'm busting my ASS to get Saxby out of office. I wish more people know how this race in Georgia means. Thanks for helping to spread the word.