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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Britain Mulls EU Currency; Vaclav Klaus - Czech President to assume EU Presidency, somewhere Jaba the Hagee is preparing for the end of the world!

Rule Britannia.

Word from across the pond is that Britain, long a stalwart of their Pound, is mulling a move to finally fully integrate into the Eurozone by joining dispensing the sterling for the Euro Dollar. The reason, the financial crisis has so deflated the pound that the Euro is perhaps one of the few pragmatic moves left to make in efforts to avoid insolvency.

People look East.

The next round of Presidency for the European Union will be the Czech Republic who's President, Vaclav Klaus, is both a firebrand and an iconoclast - a rabid free marketeer, extreme critic of the EU and global warming and at the same time one who would cozy up to the anti-western regimes of Russia and China. Many of his critics and governments in the Eurozone are concerned as to how much of an embarrassment Klaus will be on the diplomatic front as the face of the Union.

So begins a new chapter in the wild world of Euro Politics.

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