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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Miracles do exist

I know that I said during advent folks tend to orient their energies and concentrations on miraculous interventions when they tend to overlook exactly what they are looking for, but even now those 'larger-than-life' interventions do still occur in the world today, although not on demand American Style.

Interfax, Russia's News Agency, is reporting that two Icons began weeping myrrh just prior to the death of Patriarch Alexy II.

On the eve of Patriarch Alexy II’s death, two icons started giving myrrh in the village of Ustyanchi, the Sverdlovsk Region. Icons of St. Alexis, the Man of God, and the Nativity of Christ started “weeping” during the mourning prayer. “We saw a tear - the icon was glittering. We looked more attentively and saw small drops - here where the stars are depicted and where the blessing hand of God is extended from heaven, the drops are very small at the stars and there are drops from the blessing hand,” Fr. Alexy Medvedev said.It is noteworthy that these icons are not painted, but just printed copies, the TVC reports. “It is double witness. If myrrh were coming from icons painted by monks, who observe certain canons, fast, we could have said something, but here the icons are modern, they are just laminated lithograph - you see, it’s very simple, nothing special,” Fr. Konstantin said. Icons are still giving myrrh. The two small images will soon find their new place in iconostasis: they will get frameworks and be placed among venerated old icons.

Think statues of Mary or saints weeping. Images of Christ, etc.

I can report though that the Icons I purchased in Washington this past July, while not weeping, are finally being framed at Haven's in downtown Columbia -- a great frame shoppe if you need anything framed.

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