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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Really? Well, you gotta stand by...

I read a story on WIS where they interviewed a woman who's (estranged) boy friend is accused of sexually assaulting a woman behind St. Peter's Church. Perhaps it's being cooped up in the hospital with gestational diabetes or some bizarre form of prepartum depression that makes her say,

"I mean it would hurt, it hurts, it would hurt any woman to actually know that your man is sexual with someone else," Windham said.
Contrary to what police say, Lindsi believes whatever Porter did with the woman was consensual.
"I feel like it wasn't a sexual assault, it wasn't a rape. If he was out there doing anything, I don't know, the lady probably got mad or something and then wanted to holler rape," Windham said.

or perhaps she's holding out on a fools hope, but usually that would be coupled with assertions of innocence and being wrongly identified. But here she doesn't discount that he would have sexual relations with another woman, rather resigns herself to that fact and holds onto the notion that it wasn't rape -- after all, he has duties and obligations to his soon to be born son, he wouldn't jeopardize that would he?

Pathos is the word I'm looking for, a sort of Color Purple/Peyton Place form of Pathos, and for some reason as soon as I read it this song came to mind....

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Anonymous said...

I read this post earlier and commented to an attorney friend that part of basic South Carolina curriculum should include the following:

No matter how nice they may seem, never, ever, speak to TV news crew about a pending legal matter or a recent horrific event.

What would we do without local tabloid TV, though?

Mattheus Mei said...

I know and leave it to WIS to take "tabloid TV" to another level.