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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gibby does it again takes out Hannity

Robert Gibbs - Gibby recently made an anchor at Fox News nearly explode. And last night he appeared on the Hanity and Colmes show and does something no one has ever done - put Sean Hannity in his place and stole the spotlight - it was to the point that Alan Colmes the 'liberal' of the duo had to defend Hannity.

Watch for yourself....

The essence of Gibbs argument? You can't go after Obama for sitting on boards with former radicals (who performed their despicable acts when Obama was 8) and then expect no one to investigate and draw attention to your own questionable associations.

Hannity tries to say that the Martin was "just a guest" in an attempt to defend his journalistic integrity (Hannity?), but what does it say when Hannity on air openly supports everything that guest says with no pre-conditions or vetting?

Such is the danger I suppose of being a ultra conservative shock jock like Sean Hannity

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