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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Churning up the base

One result of stirring up the base with "otherness," whether you hear the cries of Terrorist, Kill Him! Off with his head, or whatever, is that someone always takes it just a bit too far.

Just look at Ohio, where rightest wing nuts have called in Death Threats to the secretary of state, sent an unusual package calling for death to Obama Supporters and hacked her website.

Folks should be reminded that John McCain doesn't care about a washed up leftist domestic terrorist from 40 years ago, which is fine, but he should be concerned with the rightist domestic terrorists of the past 20 years. Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski - both rightest domestic terrorists stoked to terror by their believing that society was moving to far left because of media and political developments amongst other delusions.

This in essence, is what John Lewis was talking about when comparing the rhetoric of McCain and Palin to George Wallace.

If people have no problems calling in Death threats to the Ohio Secretary of State because of a perceived injustice as perpatrated by libruls because the pretty lady, who knows the Lord, says so then what should stop any of them if Obama is elected from trying something stupid and crazy. Are these folks the "Real America" so esteemed by the Republican Party? The must be if they're not affraid of calling Libruls Un-American.

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