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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cooking with Mattie Mae: Semi homade Chicken Salad made easy

*my chicken salad looked nothing like the above chicken salad - but probably tastes just as delicious.

Normally I like my chicken salad with grapes and pecans, but today I had only the bare bones and what I could find in the cupboard to make chicken salad. I thought I'd share the story and the recipe.

The other night I bought a Publix whole roasted chicken to eat as dinner one night later in the week. My roommate spent the later part of the week enjoying the dark meat quarters and wings leaving the two breast halves and the succulent skin. I had a hankering for some chicken salad, but no grapes or pecans - I was in a lazy mood and didn't feel like driving to the store.

So with what was left of the chicken meet I de-boaned the bird and threw it in the food processor to chop it nice and fine. I pulled out a bowl put the chopped chicken in and pulled out the Dukes Mayo. Now normally the chicken is flavourful enough, but momma always said you've got to add celery or something - so with the absence of celery or scallions, but not wanting to go the onion route I pulled out a bit of garlic.

So I mixed half a quart of Dukes Mayonnaise with all that chopped chicken and added my pinch of garlic salt. Something was missing, more flavor - and a little heat. So I scoured the cabinets and pulled out two things, Paprika and Raisins. I added a dab of paprika and a bit more than two handfuls of raisins (it was a lot of chicken!) and mixed it all together.

It's delicious.

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Waldo said...

Duke's mayo-your momma raised you up right!