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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sully Pushes Back

Sully pushes back the hardest I've seen of any of the reactions today on McCain's pick of Sarah Palin, although it does fit in well with my suggestion of Huckabee - sans the masculinity (although admittedly even Huck doesn't have the fp credentials). This goes beyond even the stunned demazement of Jack Cafferty earlier today - and he was right to bemuse the fact that over the next 67 days the Republican party will be forced to defend McCain's judgement on the issue.

So what is Sully's conclusion on the Palin pick? Just Three Words, and those words are resonating across the conservative world.

Think about what the Palin pick really says about how McCain views this campaign and how he views his potential responsibilities in national security.

Think about what it says about the sincerity of McCain's own central criticism of Obama these past two months in foreign affairs.

Think about how he picked a woman to be a heartbeat away from a war presidency who hadn't even thought much, by her own admission, about the Iraq war as late as 2007.

Think about how he made this decision barely knowing the woman.

Think about the fact that the most McCain could say about his potential war-time vice-president in foreign affairs and national security when selecting her is that she commanded Alaska's National Guard as governor and has a son in the military.

Think about the men and women serving this country who have every right to trust that their potential commander-in-chief, whatever their party, would have some record of even interest in foreign policy before assuming office.

Think about how the key factor in this decision was not who could defend this country were something dreadful happen to McCain in office but how to tread as much on Obama's convention bounce and use women's equality as a wedge issue among Democrats because it might secure a few points here or there. Oh, and everyone would be surprised. And even Rove would be annoyed.

This is his sense of honor and judgment. This is his sense of responsibility and service.

Here's the real slogan the McCain campaign should now adopt:

Putting. Country. Last.

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