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Friday, August 29, 2008

If not Pawlenty, who? ... Vice President Lieberman?

The talking heads are all over themselves this morning because no one knows who the Republican VP is. The news media - their panties all in a wad - have moved away from the Democratic Convention and the Obama Speech simply because they don't know, and the Republicans are gleeful.

The Veepstakes list is getting whittled down as the MSM relies on paparazzi style reporting on locations of potential candidates. Everyone has been "found" from the potential list except for Lieberman. Pawlenty is somewhere else, Palin is in Alaska at the State Fair, Romney is in California.

So Lieberman it may be folks -- no official announcements, and that pick has it's consequences - if it's him.

Personally if it's not Pawlenty, if I were advising McCain I would say tap Mike Huckabee, I know he's huge friends and wants Joementum. But McCain, despite the facade of being one with the base, still raises as many questions amongst republicans - as many questions as Obama did three days ago and I foresee evangelicals not wanting to vote for a pro-abortion Jew. John Hagee and the Left Behind boys may remain silent, but the base will still remember their books and sermons and the calls for a Jew as the Anti-Christ, after all - that's what they were all saying in 2000 when Joe was on the other side of the aisle (and that silence now would be the worst kind of hypocrisy, an admission of lying that should drive people of goodwill and honest Christians away from their ministries).

So why Huckabee? He's an excellent orator - and could match Biden in folksy humor, and he is who the base wanted anyway, the base would trust him to be the righteous hammer of God to beat the islamo-fascist scourge abroad and to save the culture from the gays and abortion (Lieberman won't do that) at home. Certain Republicans want someone to restore fiscal responsibility along with National Security credentials (something Lieberman and Huckabee don't necessarily offer respectively) - the fiscal stuff doesn't matter to the Religious Right, and besides Romney's Mormonism is a liability as much as Liberman's Jewishness (though not more than Lieberman's Jewishness).

I don't know, it'd probably be Lieberman which will get certain SC bloggers very excited because they called it months ago - like in March - so a preemptive good job to Will Folks if Lieberman is the VP nominee. But we don't know, I suppose we'll all have to wait till 11am.

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