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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Pastoral Provision Expanded

In mid-July I reposted a speech given by the Ecclesiastical Delegate for the Pastoral Provision to a conference in San Antonio home of one of the largest and most effective Anglican Use parishes in the nation. In his speech he talked about the history of the Use and about it's possible expansion.

Initially we religionistas assumed he was talking about the efforts of corporate unity by the 'Traditional Anglican Communion' - who's head just recently gave an interview to David Virtue on their progress and prospects. But then the Church of England approved the Ordination of Women Bishops and rumours about about secret meetings with Roman Prelates as the Anglican world prepared for GAFCON and Lambeth, where in fact both Prelates present had rather terse remarks for the wayward Communion.

Perhaps such musings were to grand, because we didn't notice that right in the backyard of San Antonio in Fort Worth Texas, the entire Episcopal Diocese is now attempting corporate reunification with Rome. This of course isn't the first bit of (not so?) surprising news out of Texas, remember last year the Bishop of Rio Grande resigned his post to convert.

I'll try and keep everyone posted.

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