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Saturday, August 23, 2008

McLovin is wrong: Biden is the VP

And not only is McLovin wrong, he's a douche for attempting to drive traffic!

Joe Biden is the Vice Presidential nomination according to Drudge and CNN, after earlier reports it was Evan Bayh, Drudge reported earlier in the evening that Bayh was the pick according to a local bumper sticker printer. So McLovin was off base completely folks... shows that rumors with singular anonymous sources don't always make a true story. The Proof: Biden now has Secret Service all over him like white on rice.

I can't commend Senator Obama enough for a wiser choice (and so does David Brooks)

This can't be confirmed till the text message goes out to supporters tomorrow morning, but It has been confirmed by text! (see update below) And one thing is certain - McLovin reporting about Kaine, who would have been a fine choice himself, wrong. HAHA!

But why the wait, it's confounding that media types wouldn't understand. As Dogwood Dell pointed out to me. Fridays and the end of the week are times for the announcements of bad news - i.e. unemployment rates usually come out on Friday afternoons. If the Obama campaign can control the release of official information until Saturday then they'll make the headlines on Sunday's papers - which by the way are not only the most read, but the source of generally the most positive news. Thanks for the education Dogwood.

:::Update::: Had I not passed out from being a little too tipsy from going out I would have probably been able to wake up when I got the "3:26 AM" text messages. I wonder if Hillary woke up to take the text! Talk about Irony folks!!!

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Dogwood Dell said...

The irony would have been stronger if the text was sent @ 3am.

St. Izzy said...

I think Biden will prove to be a liability. It has been 20 years since his honesty problems washed him out of a presidential campaign, but politics has a long memory (as Ted Kennedy learned in 80). It won't take long before his "exaggerated shadow" will obscure and distract the Obama camp.

putting this in two comboxes

Mattheus Mei said...

I understand the concerns Izzy, but I have to respectfully disagree. In fact the reporter who broke the 'plagerism gaffe' has come out and said that 20 years later it won't make a hoot:

"So what does this say about Joe Biden's character and his qualifications to be Vice President of the United States?


The statute of limitations has run its course on Biden's unattributed use of Bobby's words.

I am aware of nothing Biden has done in the intervening two decades to suggest that Biden is a chronic word thief or that he has a tendency to claim credit for the work or accomplishments of others. Friends of mine who know Biden say he's a man of decency and integrity who has matured enormously in the past 20 years."

Another factor that may tend away from your analysis is that we have to remember that one thing American's like more than the schadenfreude, of seeing someone fall, is the penitent. Key to this is part of the quote above, in the 20 years since he's not created an exaggerated shadow, he's admitted his prior mistakes the reality about his plagerism gaffe, and he's shown himself better for admitting it. Ted Kennedy covered up his problems and tried to make it go away as opposed to 'manning up' as they say.

I have no doubt that the Rovians in the McCain Camp will try and incorporate the long memory of politics in their new attacks on the O'Biden ticket for this but they have to remember there's plenty of things in John McCain's past that's he's never explained fully, apologized for etc - things you can't always just cry POW over, so he'd be opening himself up to cries of hypocrisy, which can then be whacked across the head of McCain over and over again. The only saving grace for Republicans is that the right tends to overlook their own hypocrisy because of self-righteousness, though perhaps not for McCain since he's not your 'usual Republican' and the right isn't fully comfortable with him.