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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gulf Coast aren't the only ones that have to worry


While all eyes are on Gustav in the Carribean and gulf, Tropical Depression eight Storm Hannah has formed in the atlantic and it's forcasted path over the next five days brings it ominously closer to our shores.

Weather Underground (not the one's you're thinking about, sister) shows that the storm by Sunday should be a category one storm as it begins to move over the intensely warm waters off the Floridian and Bahamanian coasts.

This could reek havoc for the Republican Convention as Bobby Jindal has already cancelled his plans to attend to be with his fellow citizens in Louisiana.

I wonder if Mark Sanford would have similar plans?

I wonder if Henry Browns backers are salivating at the idea of getting a government bailout if this thing hits Kiawah Island flood plane.

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