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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ketner, the new direction in the low country

(H/t Elonkey)

Democratic congressional candidate Linda Ketner has launched two new 30 second spots that will begin airing throughout the South Carolina First Congressional District this week.

The first ad, “Faith,” highlights Ketner’s background growing up in a little town called Faith (NC that is) and features a testimonial from her father, Food Lion founder Ralph Ketner. The bio ad combines elements of faith and values, with Ketner telling voters, “Mom and Dad taught my brother and me to work hard and smart. To love and to be loved by God, and to take responsibility…”

The second spot, “Responsibility,” focuses on the economy. Ketner touts her successful business background and draws attention to the current squeeze on the middle class. Says Congress has “lost sight of the bottom line” and is too focused on “giving to the special interests” to fix the economy. Ketner ends the ad with a bipartisan call for Congress to take responsibility for its actions.The responsibility theme is incorporated into both Ketner ads – a not too subtle knock at Republican incumbent Henry Brown, who the campaign has been
taking swipes at in the media recently for his vote on a bill that would subsidize flood insurance for wealthy land owners on Kiawah Island. (Shortly thereafter, FITS did an “exclusive” attempting to link a $1,000 donation by one of the developers to Brown… allegedly made just prior to his vote on the bill.)These are the first TV ads for the campaign. Ketner beat perennial candidate Ben Frasier in the June Democratic Primary by a margin of 2 to 1. To learn more about the lovely Ms. Ketner, visit her campaign website here.

Ms. Ketner is currently at the Democratic National Convention (follow her at Twitter). Reports are showing that Ms. Ketner DESPITE great personal wealth has out fundraised her opponent from individual contributions by $127,365 totaling $635,059. Her opponent on the other hand has accepted nearly $200,000 from PACs and Special interests more than than 14 times the amount raised by Ketner.

Despite being in the back pocket for special intersts and lobbyists, including Haliburton (Dick Cheney), Chevron (oil), Conco Phillips (oil!), BP (oil!!) and Exxon Mobil (oil!!!), Brown got in some trouble when he received a $1000 donation to his campaign before a crucial vote in Congress to expand federal flood insurance to Kiawah Island so wealthy folks could build homes, which he voted in favor of. It should be noted that Brown has received in excess of $4000 from real estate PACs.

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