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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Catholics praying for Obama

Young Catholics are mobilizing behind Obama for the Presidency. They're standing up to their peers who say that 'no Catholic can vote for Obama.' They repay harsh criticism with pragmatic reason as well as prayer.

Not only do they pray for those who choose to speak ill of them they offer Rosaries daily for Obama and his family and starting today one group is advocating and supporting praying a novena from now until the end of the convention for unity, healing, thanksgiving and the like.

This is probably a better way to petition the Lord God Almighty than for it to rain on some one's parade as a form of ill upon them.

The Novena:
Unity Novena for the Democratic National Convention
Wednesday, August 20, 2008 through Thursday, August 28, 2008


The journey to Denver began at dissimilar times for us. We’ve encountered many people and challenges along the way; some we’ve become closer to, others we’ve kept at a distance. We bring our hopes and expectations of Senator Obama, the campaign and one another on this journey. Let us be people who sustain our inherent goodness and show mercy on our mutual failings.

Physically present in Denver for the Democratic National Convention, or in spirit only, we pray this novena to achieve unity, to bring us together as one, putting past divisions and the rancor of the primary campaign behind us so that we may have the strength and hope we need for victory in November. Our world is in crisis, our nation at a crossroads, and our people in need of reassurance. Let our thoughts and prayers bring healing and restore our confidence in the future. May we support Barack Obama with the same dignity with which he so graciously supports us.

The Word of God:

Remember your word to your servant by which you give me hope.
Psalm 119: 49

I urge you to live in a manner worthy of the call you have received, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another through love, striving to preserve the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.
Ephesians 4: 1-3

Opening Prayer:

Lord, we humbly ask you to hear our prayers and give us your blessing. Our nation is divided and we seek the peace and unity that only your Holy Spirit can provide. We know the source of division in this world and pray that you will open our hearts and minds that we may no longer be deceived. Protect us, O Lord, from every evil and grant us the wisdom, love and compassion we need to heal our divisions and unite us in the truth. Amen.

Daily Intentions and Prayers:

August 20, 2008
St. Bernard, Abbot and Doctor of the Church
Day 1-Safe Journey

Prayer: Lord, protect and guide all who journey to Denver for the Democratic National Convention.

August 21, 2008
Pope Pius X
Day 2-Reconciliation

Prayer: Lord, let us be reconciled with you and one another that we may journey in peace.

August 22, 2008
The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Day 3-Service

Prayer: Lord, allow us to be like Mary, mother and servant of the Lord, and never refuse your call to humble ourselves and give all that we have.

August 23, 2008
St. Rose of Lima
Day 4-Hope

Prayer: Lord, open our hearts and guide us to respond to the choices you set before us with hope and possibility instead of fear.

August 24, 2008
Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time
Day 5-Guidance

Prayer: Lord, let us move forward from the crossroads knowing you are guiding our every step to bring unity and healing to our nation and the world.

August 25, 2008
St. Louis of France
Day 6-Welcome

Prayer: Lord, provide a joyous welcome to all the convention delegates and let them know that we are praying for them to bring unity to our purpose.

August 26, 2008
Seasonal Weekday
Day 7-Healing

Prayer: Lord, allow all the divisions of the past to be healed by opening the hearts of the discouraged and filling them with a renewed purpose for our success.

August 27, 2008
St. Monica
Day 8-Family

Prayer: Lord, let us feel the strength of the unity you give us as one family guiding us to convert those who doubt into brothers and sisters of hope.

August 28, 2008
St. Augustine, Bishop, Doctor of the Church
Day 9-Unity

Prayer: Lord, give Barack Obama the words and actions he needs to uplift the believers, convert the doubters and overcome the deceptions of those who would see us fail.

Concluding Prayer:

Lord, we thank you for your protection and inspiration on this nine day journey of unity and hope. We ask that you continue to protect Barack Obama and his family from all harm. Cast out from power those who seek to divide and destroy our unity, our hope, our nation and our world. Amen.

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