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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bi-Partisan agreement, Wilson is a dud

There's Bi-Partisan agreement that Joe Wilson is worthless. In fact he is such a bumbler that everyone is crying "Idiot!" over his website's recent faux pas.

But beyond bad web press how else do we know he's an idiot, because he's on a taxpayer subsidized bus tour which everyone recognizes is his way of campaigning on the public dole.

Now in an attempt to cement his new title of South Carolina's Premier Dumb Dumb, Wilson is holding a "meeting" to learn about the Jasper port.

I'm shocked folks, he's a US Congressman, who's state has been in a protracted battle for it's economic interest over a new port that is within his district. It has waged court battles and has finally, by action of the governor (and none of his own in the Congress!) settled with Georgia. And Mr. Wilson is unaware of the progress? That's shameful.

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