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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Is Palmetto Scoop reveling in the quagmire?

And by quagmire I mean the cut throat politics of South Carolina. It appears that the internecine struggles of the SC Republican party is spilling forth from the political races to smear campaigns against political consultancy firms by utilizing these firms blog arms.

We've seen such public displays of disaffection before between Will Folks, editor of FITSNews and principal in Viewpolitik.com and Rod Shealey, a well known SC politico.

But now it appears that the Palmetto Scoop is joining the mendacious fray. The editor of TPS is in the employ of Rick Quinn's political consultancy firm Mail Marketting Services, essentially getting paid to operate the blog among other web activities. His site is accusing rival consultancy firm, Under the Powerlines, of malicious behaviour against one of that companies own clients Senator Jim DeMint. The evidence that Mr. Fogle offers seems rather creative if not the product of an afternoon of boredom. To create such a smear all Mr. Fogle would have to do is Google the phrase "Under the Powerlines" and simply attribute the link on the Senators page with the "CoveShorts Channel" link, which by the way, is the second link when you Google Under the Powerlines.

Who knows Mr. Fogle could be telling the truth, but I'm not convinced. It seems much more plausable that 1) Mr. Fogle had too much free time on his hands in this the doldrums season of politiking and or 2) with the economic downturn, of course you're going to see the vultures of political culture turn on each other in order to steal accounts.

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