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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Andrew Card, USC Presidential Contender

I've seen a couple of reports from the same AP source about behind the scenes lobbying for former Bush White House Cheif of Staff Andrew Card to replace Andrew Sorenson, one report was from WIStv, and the other from The State, in a brief about Harris Pastides withdrawing his name from the UGA Presidential Search.

The Meat and potatoes of the report via WIStv:

Since late April, at least five people have written letters on behalf of the USC alumnus and top Bush aide from 2000 to 2006. The vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board is among those who want Card to replace retiring president Andrew Sorensen.

Card is a Union Pacific Corp. board member. National Transportation Safety Board vice chairman Robert Sumwalt III says he knows Card through his USC ties, not his federal work. Sumwalt says Card has a leadership background and will help raise money for the university Sumwalt's father once ran.

I tried a Google Search for Andrew Card, under their Blogs and found nothing, then News Search, and I found nothing, but what I did find made me laugh. It comes from the site Ohmygov! under breaking stupidity. Did you know that the President and Mr. Card and Mr. Rove gave tours of the White House?

Especially impressive is Mr. Bush's explanation of the decor in the Oval Office.

"Each President can put whatever paintings he wants on the walls. I've chosen some paintings that kinda reflect my nature. This is called, A Charge to Keep I Have, by W.H.D. Koerner...The song is based upon a Methodist hymn, A Charge to Keep I Have. A Hymn. The painting is based upon A Hymn called A Charge to Keep I Have and it talks about serving something greater than oneself in life. A President must always keep that in mind."

Check out the video at the site.

I suppose we should just file this under yet another Bushism.

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