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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Private Life of David Reed

A former co-worker and a friend, David Reed, is striking it out on his own. Once the leader of the Thomas Reed Band which became the the regional music powerhouse known as Closer, Mr. Reed has come into his own and is currently recording a new album called Missteps and Miscommunications, under the guise of The Private Life of David Reed.

It's worth a listen and currently three singles are out.

While "A week of Seven Days" holds true to his hard rock roots and shows off his talents as guitarist, its emphasis is shifted away from - and down plays what I believe is Reed's natural genius and that which really draws you into his music his abilities as a lyricist and vocalist. Thankfully he makes up for it in "27" and "Better Be Careful" which I find to be pretty damn good examples of how far he has come since his days in Closer.

Listen to him at Facebook and Myspace, and when the album comes out in September pick up a copy on iTunes or in the local store.

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