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Monday, June 09, 2008

Oh Henry!

It looks like Attorney General Henry McMaster is considering a run for our States top Office. Perhaps Dick Harpootlian will run as the Democratic Candidate and they can return to the old days of PBS debating which party has the hotter women or colder beer?

Actually as the news article points out, Mr. McMaster's tenure as attorney general has been incredibly bi-partisan. His tenure as far as I can tell has been met with lots of praise for his programs to reduce crime, although it's not been without some controversy.

Whats important to keep in mind though folks is it is 2008, two years before the next Gubenatorial election and much like 16 months ago when we started the Presidential Primary Season, people are obviously fed up with Sanford to start mentioning running for Governor.
Sanford is to South Carolina as George W. is to the whole country - a huge disappointment and failure that has caused people of all political stripes to take stock and change direction.

So here's to 2010.

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