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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2008: Record Year for Tornados

Well it looks like we can add at least 4 more to the count for persons who died from Tornadoes this year as a boyscout camp in Iowa is decimated, injuring at least 20 other people. CNN reported late in May that this year will most likely break the record for most Tornadic year on record, it appears that after tonight this will no longer be just a possibility.

The Midwest/Great Plains have been hit pretty hard, but that area of the country is used to Tornadic weather. In addition to this evenings tragedy we've also seen a Tornado go through a major American metropolitan center.

If you believe in Climate Change or not, at some point in time after seeing all of this bizarre weather from greatly intensified hurricanes to the yo yo between hottest summers on records as well as coldest winters to these huge numbers of Tornadoes as well as the increase in number and intensity of floods in some regions and extreme drought in others you have to wonder if something is going on, whether it's man made, natural, supernatural or a combination thereof.

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