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Sunday, May 04, 2008

The ultimate political metaphor

H/T to Waldo for passing on this bit from Ben Smith's Politico Blog and makes one of the most important statements about this democratic party, If only we could put candidates down:

A colleague emails:

Don't know if you watched the Derby, but the horse Hillary wanted came in second, collapsed and was killed on the spot.

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St. Izzy said...

Your sister posted this comment at 7:05 yesterday evening, scarcely a half hour after the tragic event:

"In the interests of social commentary/application, I'll note that Sen. Clinton had been reported to be a fan of Eight Belles, given her long-shot status as a filly running against 19 colts. Kind of sounds like some of the early Dem debates. Now that we've seen a 2nd place finish and a humane dispatching of a mortally wounded combatant, is it time for another 2nd place finisher to "dispatch" her own campaign? Any bets as to when the chattering classes will begin making this same analogy/suggestion?"

So now we know.

not one of the chattering classes despite all the time spent chattering in classes

Mattheus Mei said...

so glad I could fulfill that role, do we have an exact time for the chattering classes to begin... a little bit more than 12 hours? :)