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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kentuckistan is voting

(Now for a little cynicism that this protracted primary is continuing...)

All those hard working, White Americans,the population is 91% White, in the commonwealth of Kentuckistan are voting today, along with the hippies in Oregon.

The Uncyclopedia has this to say about Kentuckistan:

Kentuckistan, part of the former Soviet Union, was only granted statehood in 1993. Until then, it was a Communist-State existing in the South-Eastern United States. Kentuckistan is amazing, and you would be an idiot for not going. It says so right here in the brochure. It is currently ruled by Emperor Beshear the Undieing and Darth Daniel Mangiardo, The Man To Praise Casino.

Oregon, according to the same source is

...pronounced ['o ɹɪ ɡɑn] or ['oɹ ɡən], but never the erroneous and stupid [ˈo ɹɪ ɡən]. [It] is often called the Next-to-Last Frontier, the Romantic Wood-Products State, Meth-town USA, and Toilet Paper Producer to His Majesty, Too Treely. But in actuality is a community of inbred escapees from the notorious Biosphere project, led by a band of moss-covered, lichen-brained, doddering Ents. Oregonians naively believe this band is a State Legislature.
Oregon is commonly referred to as "the
Canada of California," "the Mexico of Washington," "the New Zealand of Hawaii," and sometimes "the Portugal or Haiti of Idaho." Make sure not to confuse Oregon as "America's trash can" because that is New Jersey. But it is America's white trash can. With the exception of Portland, this state is more racist than the city of Birmingham.
Unlike its flighty neighbor to the south, Oregon stays firmly on the ground. In this it is similar to all the other regions in the
world. Except the flying ones. Or the ones that don't really fly but merely hover. Well, and the Burrowing Nation of Burundi. Let's just abandon this line of discussion, shall we?

Needless to say the punditocracy has declared Kentuckistan to be demographically the last strong hold of the She-Clinton until Puerto Rico (and the Uncyclopedia has lots to say about them too). Needless to say someone who's a fan of Arugula and latte, as well as literature, is best served by the amalgam population of hippies that live in Oregon, hence their declaration of an assured Obama victory.

When will the madness of this primary end!!!!

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