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Monday, May 12, 2008

Civil Liberties be damned

I saw this humourous story earlier this morning. Apparently a guy was ticketed for trespassing on a beach he says he's visited for years. Mr. Hezzelwood, an avid speedo wearer, is now planning on suing the Sheriff's department that ticketed him for violating his civil rights.

As to be observed from the video on the news cast website, Mr. Hezzelwood is not an obese man in a speedo which many would more disgusting than offensive, so it leads one to wonder, why is this speedo wearer being singled out? Perhaps we can guage using context clues from Mr. Hezzelwood's quote:

""It frightens me and embarrasses me to go public with it. But by the same token, I don't know what else to do," Hezzelwood told The Naples News. "I'm a civilian out here who’s been picked on by a little bully deputy and that’s wrong. It’s just wrong."

Does the Deputy have a Napoleon complex of a different variety? Don't think so, just watch the appended video the anchor even says it, to paraphrase - the deputy believed the bathing suit to not be appropriate to properly hide the man's member!

It's hilarious, it's not like he was actively doing something with himself to draw attention to his mid-region. So look out Pam Anderson, you could be next!!!

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