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Friday, May 23, 2008

Carl Icahn must have mad cow disease...

Carl Icahn had some harsh comments for Presidential candidate Barack Obama at an investors conference according to Bloomberg News.

``I personally think he would be a terrible president,'' Icahn, 72, said. Obama would probably go on a ``huge spending spree'' that ``the country can't afford right now.''
Coupled with the higher tax rates that the Illinois senator has already endorsed, ``you would have a loss of confidence in the dollar,'' leading to accelerating inflation and ``much higher interest rates,'' Icahn said. His comments, and remarks by other presenters at the conference, were embargoed by the organizers until this morning.
Even worse, Icahn said, would be a Democratic president with a veto-proof super majority of 60 Democrats elected to the Senate.
`Runaway Legislation'
``It would be devastating,'' he said. ``Then you couldn't stop runaway legislation.''
Earlier this year, Icahn donated the maximum $2,300 to the presidential campaign of Republican Rudy Guliani
, according to the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics.

Obviously Mr. Icahn has been living under a rock or has developed Mad Cow disease, a disease who's symptoms are closely related to Alzheimer's.

Everything he has complained about being potentially wrong with an Obama Presidency has happened at the helm of George W. Bush and as evidenced by John McCain's policy stances would continue under him.

So Obama would...

...Go on a huge spending Spree the country can't afford right now - my only response is IRAQ.

...inspire a loss of confidence in the dollar leading to inflation and high interest rates. Come now Carl, what do you call the situation we're in now, Oil $132 a barrel, the price of food skyrocketing, the dollar loosing value against most major currencies (that aren't pegged to the dollar) and let's not forget what Kevin Phillips said about inflation, (and you probably fit in that category of status quo supporters).

...produce runaway legislation with a super majority - which is exactly what George Bush had for his entire Presidency up until 2006, and guess what, the "conservative" President initiated an orgy of spending with that legislation that put us exactly where we currently are.

So somebody needs to call Carl's doctor, I think it may be time to put that old horse our to pasture, the mad cow (Alzheimer's) has set in and he's been blinded by the billions of dollars that he's raped reaped from the American People hands of this administration.

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