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Friday, April 18, 2008

Panis Angelicus the Pope and Placido Domingo

The world renowned opera master Placido Domingo sang the closing communion hym at the Mass at Washington Nationals Stadium. Check out the youtube video.

And here are the words via Wikipedia.

They were written by my patron Saint, Thomas Aquinas

Panis angelicus
fit panis hominum;
Dat panis coelicus
figuris terminum:
O res mirabilis!
Manducat Dominum
Pauper, servus et humilis.
Te trina Deitas
unaque poscimus:
Sic nos tu visita,
sicut te colimus;
Per tuas semitas
duc nos quo tendimus,
Ad lucem quam inhabitas.

The Bread of Angels
becomes the bread of men;
The Bread of heaven
ends all prefigurations:
What wonder!
a poor and humble servant
consumes him, the Lord.
We beg of You,
God, One in Three
that you visit us,
as we worship You.
By your ways,
lead us who seek
the light in which You dwell.

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