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Friday, April 18, 2008

Chelsea Clinton Caption Contest (C4)

This picture is from the LA Times and a story on Chelsea Clinton. It reminds me of the Don't Make Me Angry, You won't like Me when I'm Angry picture from a few posts back.
Carolyn Kaster / Associated Press
When I see this picture it makes me think of Godzilla attacking New York or rather - Mecha-Streisand attacking South Park. In a way she also looks sort of Vampiric. Anyone up for a caption contest?

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Kristin said...

stop asking about Lewinsky already little girl! You weren't even born yet!

Anonymous said...

I will beat you, I will always beat you - Chelsea puts a spin on Joan Rivers before she smacks the little girl

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, look into my eyes, not at that camera - yes, you will vote for my mother Chelsea Clinton utilizing her sucubi ability to hypnotize convinces a young woman to vote for her mother

The Blue South said...

Chelsea Clinton reacts upon learning that her mother's campaign staff erroneously scheduled her speech during a Girls Gone Wild event.