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Saturday, April 12, 2008

NVB on Gays for Clinton

One of my favourite centrist-left leaning blogs has an interesting post on Gay's for Clinton and asks the important though the author admits not necessarily news worthy question of why the seemingly majority of the LGBT community are entrenched Clinton Supporters. The author writes:

...This idea that there is a post-modern mindset about gay issues gets to the bigger point of why Obama has always appealed to me. Whatever the group, he doesn’t see an us-versus-them battle brewing. The combative element of the gay constituency is modeling itself after earlier battlers in history who saw advancement as something that came only from conflict. There are still plenty of folks with that mindset.The gay friends I admire are not the ones who seem themselves as victims, but the ones who are comfortable enough in their own skins and cool enough to understand it’s not always a battle.
It's very true! Perhaps one of the most ironic and mind boggling statement I've heard from an ardent (gay) Hillary Supporters. "Obama is to you what Bill Clinton was to me as a young gay man in 1992. He was a force to be reckoned with who just enchanted all of us." (sic)

When pressed though why he then can't bring himself to be an Obama supporter (yet) he tows the typical Clinton supporter lines which is - no experience, to young, it's not his time, etc, etc, amongst others.

It's mind boggling, but NVB is right when it comes down to the mindset of being beyond the battle or stuck in the mire.

Unfortunately a majority of LGBT persons, have felt like they've been on the defensive for so long that it's hard to move beyond the battle.

I suppose a more appropriate question and one that is somewhat addressed in the NVB post is not if these members of the LGBT community can move beyond the "battle mentality" as if they want to move beyond it?

That's why many in South Carolina refused to move beyond McClurkin-gate in late 2007, and part of the justification of that same friend saying that he would not support Obama in the South Carolina Primary. Where's the us-vs-them if you must sit next to someone you disagree with in order to find solutions to the greater problems ahead of us, before addressing your own grievances.

Those LGBT persons who do support Obama on the other hand realize that despite the injustices you face everyday you almost have to die to yourself for the greater good which in hope will shower back down upon you to use a mixed religious metaphor. And that view is post-modern and it is antithetical to the traditional LGBT mindset.

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