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Saturday, March 22, 2008

White + Money = Privilege

This is just bizarre - Federal Prosecutors want the judge who sentenced former State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel to consider lowering his 10 month sentence, citing his cooperating with the Government on the case, but the Judge - rightly - has reservations:

“Ravenel’s attorneys, and, surprisingly, the government attorneys contrary to their usual position, vigorously argued in favor of a greater downward departure based on information Ravenel has provided concerning ongoing drug investigations involving other individuals.”

Anderson pointed out that testimony from a SLED agent, who has worked on the case with the FBI, showed the agent has talked with Ravenel more than 100 times.

He wrote, “... It is perplexing to the court that the government could not present a single name ... to which Ravenel’s substantial assistance led.”

Interestingly enough, the man who brought down Ravenel, who brought in such a whale for the Prosecution who received the same sentence as Ravenel, 10 months, is not getting additional time off for his cooperation in the case.
Prosecutors did not press for more of a reduction for Miller.
But in sentencing Miller, a black man, the judge cited what incredible resolve it takes to stand against the State's power structure in being so lenient.
“... The decision to implicate a member of this state’s power structure obviously required a degree of resolve the court determined should be rewarded.”
I think the judge is right, there is reason to question the motives of the US Attorney. I'm not convinced that a further reduction of Mr. Ravenel's sentence is warranted, I'm actually (not) surprised by the laxness of his sentence and people thinking that being equitable with the sentence of Mr. Miller. Again the disparities of our judicial system.

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