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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Momentary Setback

Well after last night's Super Tuesday Redux, we Democrats are left with the same palor in our mouths as we had after the first "Super Tuesday." This race is a stalemate. It appears that despite having overwhelming majorities in the popular vote (across the board) and a lead in pledged delegates that can't be stymied without unlikely overwhelming victories the Clinton campaign is 'back in the race' - cue music for Come back Kid theme. The only thing she's proving though is that she has more lives than a cat as this campaign has comeback from death on three occasions thus far after the tears in NH, tears in Connecticut, and assertions of victimhood at the Ohio Debate.

Eventually somebody has to put their foot down and say enough, Obama you're ahead in pledged delegates and popular vote, you're the POTUS nominee and HRC you can show 'em big in the Key Big States - New Texahiolifornia, so you're the VPOTUS nominee, now go out there and kick John McCain's butt.

But at this junction, it's still unlikely that either would be the other's VP. Why? The Clinton campaign. It's programmed into their brains to go kicking and screaming all the way using as many dirty tricks as possible alienating the rest of the Democratic Party, specifically the Obama Supporters who are intimately connected to the notion of his Candidacy, not to mention the usurption of the Republican Playbook: Fearmongering.

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