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Saturday, March 01, 2008

I suppose you've made it big...

...when the majority of the hits on your blog come as a response to criticism by a right-wing blogger who's upset you hot linked his picture and all the hits come from a site called - ar15.com which is a also known as weaponsforum.com and ak47.net - I wonder, should I now be concerned for my life because of an internet faux pas? I suppose that I should thank God that none of the 'hits' from that site came from my home state (which in all honesty says a lot) and that they mainly came from old Confederate border states as well as Texas (the main culprit) California (surprising and yet not) and Virginia.

Nothing will wake you up in the morning more than noticing a disturbing trend on your blog traffic report from automatic weapon toting (notice I didn't say gun-toting) persons apparently distressed over 'usage violations,' who because of said violation spend long periods of time on your website looking deeper and deeper at various pages.

Well, this group has labeled me a radical liberal - and although I might dispute the "radical" part, I am a liberal and damn proud of it - let's roll!

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1 comment:

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Previous coment attempt disappeared. Sorry if this is duplicative (assuming my other late night typing actually reaches you.)

Congrats, dearie -- you've succeeded in totally ruining the day of someone who assumes that anything annoying or irritating or even a little bad results from (and can ONLY result from) intentional malice specifically directed towards him. At least that's what he sounds like.

I could spend all day taking up collections to buy people lives.

You'd think blogger would mention something about bandwidth when offering the direct link option for adding pics to a blogpost.