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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday on the State House Grounds

The Statehouse dome through some trees.

Yoga Girl and I spent some time at the State House today, after church and before I started cleaning house. You can see all the pictures* here at Facebook (Public access link). I've posted some of my favs below. (Yoga Girl has posted some too at her blogspot, check them out!)

From the James F. Byrnes monument. He served as a Congressman, then Senator, then Supreme Court Justice. That was followed by Secretary of State for FDR then finally Governor of South Carolina - all without a high school or college education.

Statue dedicated to the Palmetto Soldiers of the Spanish American War

'Forty Acres and a Mule' was the promise after the civil war made to African Americans. It was a part of the failure of reconstruction. This is from the Afro-American Monument.

The Wade Hampton Building on the grounds apparently serves as a fallout shelter.

I took all of these pictures and the others at the Facebook link using Yoga Girl's point and shoot... for a point and shoot, I think they came out pretty nicely!

*No using these photos from this blog post or the facebook site without my express permission.

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