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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


8:00 - That is the motto of Atlanta Georgia and is Latin for restored, rebuilt, etc. The symbol of Atlanta is the Phoenix indicating the rise of Atlanta from the Ashes of Sherman's March. Tonight it may have a different meaning as Barak Obama garners another 2-1 victory over Hillary in Georgia, a resurgens in energy to take the White House. This is the first return we've received, we'll see more soon. And guess what, CNN is saying that Obama's got half the white vote, especially the white male. White Women again are Clinton's only group as young folk and white males all go to Obama... Hmmm...

It's just after 8 and that means that man polls on the east coast will have just closed. Those results are coming in now... Let's see how well Obama has resurged in Massachusettes, Connecticut, New Jersey, etc. I may end up periodically live blogging.

Happy Super Tuesday and perhaps more importantly Happy Mardi Gras - what's everyone giving up or picking up for Lent?

8:07 - Just saw a piece from Politico - HRC is already spinning the loss in GA *eyes roll*

8:11 - looks like Illinois goes to Obama and OK goes to Clinton - duh... at least that's according to early exit polls and we know how accurate those are.

8:52 - Before the flu overtakes me, it looks like TN and Arkansas will go to Clinton - states the Obama campaign did not stop on their way to Super Tuesday.

9:06 - ABC is calling Massachusetts for Clinton and New York - everyone now is calling states, later they claim they'll be going to "delegate counts" later in the evening. With this post, I'm in bed. It's not looking good for my man, but we'll see in the morning... Y'all drop me an e-mail or comment to let me know how it goes -- Obama just got Delaware according to ABC.

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