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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A tough go in NH

With Sen. Obama's loss in New Hampshire last night many are wondering if this is the beginning of the end. I say no - though some in the MSM may disagree. As one analyst put it late last night (early this morning) Clinton was ahead in New Hampshire all through the past year, if you graphed it, it would show Obama as a quantity within the past couple of days. Everyone is already calling HRC the comeback kid - reminiscent of her husband in '92. But can she really be called a comeback kid when she's been ahead in these polls the whole time? Her campaign certainly attempted to put the spin on NH as a 'lost cause' in order to build up that 'come back kid' image - and the MSM is buying it. If anything it shows that Obama managed to close the gap. He only lost by two percentage points.

But anyway - listen to Mr. Obama's 'concession' speech (if you can call it that). It was a great speech and looks to the future - specifically Nevada and South Carolina.

Alright South Carolina - We're Fired Up! We're Ready to Go! YES WE CAN!!

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1 comment:

Just ready for something different said...

I totally agree with you. Obama is a very intelligent person. I listened to his speech last night. It was very inspiring. He is a very great speaker and reminds me of the great, late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I really enjoyed his speech. Also, Hillary clinton and Obama are running neck to neck. Hillary is not a come back kid until she actually wins. They both won 1 state a piece. I was going for either candidate because they both are great people. Both candidates are making history. I just think Clinton needs to be a herself. She is starting to look a little fake. I thought that emational crap was just that, crap! As a women I have pulled that stunt plenty of times and it works most of the time. In my opinion, the emotional crap even looked fake. It is real funny how she brought this emotion side out right after critics and the media start saying she needs to show more emotion. She really pushed it out and it showed to me.